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Welcome to Strength International, Australia’s

longest serving Mining & Exploration Supply Company

Strength Mining & Exploration Supplies Pty Ltd is the oldest existing supply company in Australia and its origins go back over 150 years when copper mining in Burra became an exciting and life-changing venture for intrepid individuals around the world.

Copper was first discovered at Burra in 1845 and it was an opportunity that appealed to one particular individual, and it was in 1856 that Frederick Stockman decided to take the long and dangerous voyage from his home country of Germany to seek his fortune in the copper mines, 150 miles north of Adelaide.

As the years went by, the family name of Stockman became deeply embedded in the history of mining in Australia, but it is in more recent times that the Stockman family purchased the company with a direct descendant of Frederick, William Stockman, being appointed director of the company at that time.

Strength has long been a family-orientated business with 3 generations involved. Neil, the son of William recently retired, but not without passing on his vast knowledge throughout all those decades within the industry to his son, Heath Stockman.

Over the years, Strength has been involved in many innovative products used in the exploration and mining industries, for example Core Trays, which originally were fabricated from sheets of corrugated iron, before wooden trays and then purpose-built galvanized trays became the norm. Although not directly involved with iron or wooden trays of yesteryear, Strength has been heavily involved with the galvanized versions, Colourbond and aluminium incarnations and now produces modern injection moulded plastic trays.

This of course is just a facet of the business – today the Strength product catalogue is extensive, supplying drilling, exploration, petroleum and similar industries with over 70 pages of listings and there are many examples of their own brand items that are synonymous with quality throughout the industry – from small yet essential accessories to industrial machinery available to hire that is used across the globe, not only here in Australia.

On the back of such a proud and lengthy history, Strength strives to maintain their position as the leading supplier of mining and exploration equipment by continuing to provide the highest quality service. When backs are against the wall, Strength can procure and deliver goods when others may let you down, even if the product required is not in the catalogue – they will know where to find it.

Strength, continuing to build upon their family values, history and tradition.